HC Course Gold

€ 1.000,00

About the HC course Gold:

  • The Course of Holographic Coaching has been held online for 4.5 months.

  • The course consists of 6 theoretical modules (8 weekly group classes)

  •  2 practical individual lesson with the teacher of the method.



▶ You will learn to treat your reality as the projection of your beliefs
▶ Your new identity will serve you as a guide to living life
▶ You will learn to make chosing easier even when confronted with difficult situations in life
▶ You will thrive as a mentor and as an example to others (source of inspiration and motivatio). 
▶ Awareness will be your personal quality
▶ learn to understand the difference between feelings and emotions and how to work with them
▶ How to treat negative emotions as your closest friend
▶ learn to give negative emotions an image and read its message
▶ How to use negative emotions as a guide to work with limiting beliefs
▶ Take your inner state as your primary, and discover the reality of the secondary
▶ You will learn to solve problems of any degree of complexity
▶ You will learn to identify and transform limiting beliefs
▶ You will master the skills to deal with aspects of the  conscious imagination
▶ You will master polyphonic thinking skills
▶-You will easily and quickly detect the client's hidden positive motivations
▶ You will see the cause-and-effect relationship of events
▶ You will take your clients towards their true identity